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Updated info about WITPAC and GE is coming to talk

09 Sep 2021 11:16 PM | Anonymous

Updated info about WITPAC and GE is coming to talk


* Sunday * September 12, 2021

8:00 PM Eastern 7:00 PM Central 5:00 PM Pacific

(855) 212-0212 Pin: 254 004 265#

We are also on Facebook live

The National Pilot Car Association continues to work hard to inform as best we can.

Jamie France :General Electric Renewable Energy Onshore Wind

Logistics Quality & Safety Engineer

Ms. France will be joining us Sunday, September 12, 2021, for our monthly NPCA conference call.

WITPAC Details

WITPAC certification:

does not replace current state P/EVO (pilot/escort vehicle operators) certifications/licenses; it is in addition to them.

is accessible to all wind industry transportation professionals including drivers and P/EVOs.

will expire every 3 years.

The training program is organized into five modules.

1. Teamwork

2. Route Surveys

3. Pre- and Post-Trip Meetings

4. High Pole & Front Escort

5. Rear Steer & Rear Escort

Watch this video for an overview of the training program:

To become WITPAC certified: 

NAPVSA: This webpage is the official source for information on the WITPAC initiative. Check back here for updates.

Cost is $300 per student. WITPAC qualifies for individual SC&RA scholarships; contact Jackie Roskos, Director SC&R Foundation,

Achieving certification is a two-step process.

Step 1: Self-Directed On-Line Study.

Students can complete all five modules, associated quizzes, and the preparatory exam on-line at their own pace, and in multiple sessions if they wish.

The Self-Directed portion allows the student to study when it is convenient for them, and to go back and review previous modules as they move forward in training.

The time needed to complete the Self-Directed On-line Study will vary from person to person, but we recommend planning 4 to 6 hours for it. We recommend starting the Self-Directed On-Line Study at least one week before your instructor-led class day.

Step 2: Instructor-Led Training & Exam.

Students must participate in a full day of training (either on-line interactive, or in-person) and pass the final exam with a score of 90% or better.

The instructor-led class is 8 hours long, including exam time.

The exam is "open book" and will be given at the end of the instructor-led training day.

Registration opens 27 September 2021, at which time the On-Line Study materials will be available.

All WITPAC Authorized Training Providers (ATPs) are working now to set-up instructor-led class schedules beginning October 2021.

There are currently three WITPAC Authorized Training Providers (ATPs):

Evergreen Safety Council

Sophie Merwick, Operations Manager, 425-814-3868,

Current instructors: Rick Nault, Amanda Moore, Patricia Auvil

Options: Live on-line delivery (Zoom) nation-wide, or in-person classes in WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, TX, OK, LA.

Online classes will be posted on their class schedule calendar or can be custom/privately scheduled for groups.

Pit Row Group

Michael J. Morgan, 256-375-0141,

Multiple Instructors.

Options: In-person classes in multiple states including but not limited to AL, FL, TX, VA, OH, IL, KS, MN.

Colorado Safety Association

Chris Baker, Program Manager,

Current instructors: Tatiana Chapman, Mark Ashby

Options: In-person classes in CO, KS, WY, UT, NM, AZ.

Students should follow these steps to get certified:

Student should choose an ATP based on the instructor-led class availability that suits their needs. Contact ATPs and/or check their websites for instructor-led class schedules.

Student must register with the ATP for the instructor-led class of their choice based on location, date & time.

ATP will then give the student access to the self-directed online course work.

Student will complete the self-directed online course work and the prep exam at their own pace.

Student will attend & participate in the instructor-led session and final exam.

The ATP files the exam results with ESC.

If the student passes the exam, ESC issues the certification card to the student, and keeps record of the certification.

Notify the carrier(s) you work for that you are WITPAC certified and give them a copy of your certification card.

Carrier Responsibility

Assuring their P/EVOs and drivers are properly trained and certified.

Tracking and keeping records of the training and certification of their personnel.

TIP: Carriers should create a by-name list of all their Wind Industry personnel that need certification.

Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVOs) including rear steerpersons

OS/OW drivers and/or all drivers that use P/EVOs

Carrier’s key staff (safety managers, support personnel, etc.)

TIP: Carriers can contact ATPs listed above to set up instructor-led classes.

Request locations & dates that are best for your personnel to attend (either in-person or online via Zoom).

Classes attended by drivers & P/EVOs that often work together will enhance the “teamwork” aspects of the training.

Address: PO Box 266, Lincoln, AL  35096

Phone: (205) 392-8867


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