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NPCA President Mike Morgan's Letter to All

10 Jan 2018 4:24 PM | NPCA (Administrator)

Dear All Current and Potential Members of the NPCA,

                I would like to take a moment to respond to some questions and comments currently circulating around multiple social media groups concerning the National Pilot Car Association (“NPCA”) and the role I hold as President of the Association. I will attempt to provide more insight and information pertaining to what the NPCA has accomplished over the last year and what the NPCA has in store for its members in 2018. Most importantly I am going to directly address the misinformation and rumors spread about the NPCA. I would like to express clearly that the statements in this letter are those of my own, and not necessarily the thoughts of the entire NPCA.

                To begin, I would like to publicly apologize to NPCA Board Member Elizabeth Zinslen for the inappropriate, harsh, and unprofessional language used in the voicemail I left her, of which she has shared to the public. A lot of work has gone into improving the position of this Association of which I am truly passionate about, and I allowed emotions to control my reaction more than thought and reason. I cannot change what was said, but I can promise to learn from this unfortunate mistake and strive to continue to do better.

                There is a growing amount of misinformation and confusion concerning the NPCA being shared and discussed on multiple social media outlets, which has now involved numerous NPCA board members, NPCA members, and nonmembers alike. This social media platform is a wonderful tool that allows the people involved in this industry to interact with each other easier and faster than ever before. Unfortunately, this can lead to the intentional and malicious spread of false, misleading, or disparaging information that presents an opportunity for any number of people to discuss, spread, alter, and misconstrue both fact and fiction at a rate which is impossible to appropriately or effectively respond to. I have recently seen a few examples of these discussions, and while some of the comments and accusations are hateful attempts to elicit some sort of equally hateful response, I feel it has become necessary for me to address a handful of issues I’ve seen brought up that need immediate resolution.

                Before I get too specific, I want to make it clear to everyone that there is, always has been, and always will be an open line of communication between myself and anyone that has questions or concerns regarding the NPCA or the pilot/escort industry as a whole. There has been an attempt to spread lies which assume I am ignoring critics and not responding to the “tough questions” in an attempt to hide information. This is completely false and in no way accurate. Those who know me both personally and professionally will attest to my willingness to share my thoughts, opinions, and advice openly and without hesitation. I have always said that if you have a problem then CALL me and let me discuss it with you! My contact information is readily available on the NPCA website, and is in the heading of this letter as well. I would also like to make it clear that blind accusations and derogatory remarks on social media are rarely going to be given a response, as I feel this industry deserves professionalism and respect, and I will continue to push forward towards leading meaningful discussions that further this Association and this industry.

                The first piece of misinformation I would like to address are the accusations pertaining to misuse of NPCA funds. The funds generated by NPCA membership dues are only used for purposes directly related to necessary NPCA expenses (such as website hosting fees, insurance, etc.) Every position on the board is unpaid, and my position as President is no exception. Each and every meeting, conference, and event I’ve attended on behalf of the NPCA has been entirely self-funded. The NPCA has never paid me, or any company I am a part of, in any way. Financial information pertaining to the Association are shared on every conference call, and any other specific questions or concerns regarding the finances of the NPCA may be brought up during these conference calls.

                I have read concerns regarding the most recent December election stating the e-mail notifications containing the required steps members had to take to vote in the election were not being received by certain members for some purposely malicious reasons. Furthermore, I have even seen discussions accusing the Association of blatantly refusing to allow members to run in the election, or causing undue complications regarding the vetting process which is required of all candidates in an NPCA election. The system used to generate the informational e-mails and ballots sent to members is an automated system that uses the e-mails in the membership database associated with the active accounts and automatically sends and receives the information from these ballots without any interference from the Association. The NPCA executive board uses this system to ensure the election is held effectively. Additionally, the upcoming election and the positions available in the election were mentioned in numerous conference calls, and the vetting process is clearly defined in the NPCA Bylaws, which are readily available for members as well. The position of President and Vice President of Insurance were both uncontested in the latest election. The NPCA takes elections seriously, and our records and reports will verify the integrity of the election.

                Some statements I see, and perhaps the ones that bothers me the most, are from individuals claiming the NPCA hasn’t accomplished anything or that we serve an agenda that aims at putting pilot/escort vehicle operators out of business. The agenda NPCA pushes has always been the promotion of safety in our industry through educating our members, federal and state officials, and the carriers we work with about important issues. I will admit, the NPCA has not done a good enough job at sharing news and updates with its members regarding the various steps we take in our efforts to achieve our goals. The first action I pushed for in 2018 was to create a position on the NPCA Board of Directors of Media Relations that will allow the NPCA to have a member dedicated towards ensuring the various outlets used by the NPCA to reach its members and the public will be utilized to the highest extent possible – improving our image across the internet, and ensuring everyone knows exactly what we do and how we do it. This will lead to more transparency, reduced speculation, and a more united and informed Association. The nominee for this board position has been announced as my son, Michael J Morgan. Michael has been a participating member of the NPCA as long as I have, and is heavily involved in the pilot/escort vehicle industry outside of the NPCA as well. His skillset and expertise regarding both information technology and our industry will allow the NPCA to share more useful knowledge, spread vital information, and maintain our high standards of professionalism through our public facing websites and social media platforms. I will clarify that this decision is still pending the due process required by our bylaws, and although I can recommend someone for a position, the process of appointing someone to a board member position involves the entire NPCA Executive Board.

                The NPCA was founded with the vision that the pilot/escort vehicle operators around the Nation should have a louder and more respected voice in collaborations held with federal, state, and carrier industry officials. Every action I’ve taken in the last 3 years as President of this Association has been my best effort in achieving this goal and elevating our Association in size, strength, and ability to positively affect our industry. We are not close to achieving our end goal, but we have made measurable progress and for that I am proud. I will be the first to admit that I have made mistakes along the way, but every day I work hard towards leading this Association in a direction that benefits us all. I appreciate the time you have spent reading my thoughts and opinions. I fully intend to put the absolute best effort I can in this Association, and I will continue to represent this Association with professionalism and respect. I know all of us will never 100% agree on every issue, but I have always fought for one simple idea, and that is that we can put differences aside and, by working together, achieve the vision that this Association was founded on. Thank you.

Michael D. Morgan

President, National Pilot Car Association

Address: PO Box 266, Lincoln, AL  35096

Phone: (888) 910-NPCA (6722)


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